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Ramie Soap Savers

Ramie Soap Savers

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A snuggly home for your soap. Ever wondered what to do with those little bits of squishy soap? Well, we have the solution!

Just pop all your little soaps in this natural ramie soap saver bag and use it as a soapy exfoliator for your whole body.

Hang it up in the shower to dry and reuse it over and over! At the end of it's life you can pop it straight into your compost!

All About Ramie

Ramie is a linen-like fibre made from nettles and is classified as a cellulose fiber, just like cotton, linen and rayon.

Ramie fibre is lustrous, looks like silk and is sometimes mistaken for linen. It’s extremely absorbent - much more so than cotton - and also breathes well (much like linen), making it especially comfortable for warmer weather.

Naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew as well as light damage, rot and insect attack, Ramie is often touted as an eco fabric.

Ramie fibre is considered vegan and doesn't require pesticides or herbicides to grow.

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