Custom & Wholesale Soap Request Form



If you have a special or custom soap request, please drop us a line here. We'd love to hear from you and help you work on making your custom loaf!

Wholesale Pricing

We want to make it as simple as possible for our customers who wish to purchase our products in bulk. Whether you’re after bulk items for your own business or for an event. All orders come with a tax invoice including GST.

If you’re after items in bulk, we’re setting up a wholesale section soon. Please note due to stock availability of small batch items and inventory management we’re slowly rolling out items within our wholesale category. You can purchase any of our items with our bulk pricing options on their own or in addition to our wholesale priced products.

For wholesale bundle pricing options email

Custom Order Checklist:

If you wish to create a custom order with us, please bear in mind that we are a small business therefore to ensure your satisfaction, we’d appreciate a longer lead time. When contacting us, we’d love as much information as possible such as:

  • Project Deadline – that is when your order needs to be received by you.
  • Packaging expectations – what you want your order to be packed in – Otherwise your items will be shipped with plain packaging.
  • Product appearance – To ensure your order meets your expectations, we’d prefer to make a sample prior to agreeing on a final outcome. (This mainly applies for custom items that we don’t regularly stock.)

Custom Order FAQ:

  • Do we make bath bombs? Unfortunately No, they’re tricky to ship.
  • Can you put my logo on your products? Yes, depending on the logo we may be able to stamp the soap bar and we can laser etch our metal candles and lip mask and scrub lids.
  • Can you do a custom formulation – We’d be able to create a product with the materials we have available.

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