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The Homestead Store is an online country marketplace showcasing homesteaders and makers of handcrafted products! We support small, artisanal brands looking to expand their brand online!

  • Homestead Soapery makes artisanal, natural soap using traditional cold process soaping methods. With a focus on clean raw ingredients, an Australian supply chain and low tox living, Homestead Soapery aims to create no frills soap that doesn't use harsh chemicals and surfectants, nourishes the skin in every use and is environmentally friendly. Their current product range in Soothe, Uplift, Detox and Heal provide a range of body and shampoo bars complimented with natural skincare items like powdered face masks, lip balms, bath soaks and natural deodorants.

  • Looking for natural skincare? Then look no further! Homestead Soapery offers a fantastic range of personal balms, body souffle's, serums, natural deodorants, scrubs and more. Enriched with natural oils such as Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil and Coconut Oil, and butters including mango, shea and cocoa, this natural skincare collection promises to unveil visibly softer, more nourished and radiant-looking skin. Our current favourite? Definitely the currently under production Tallow & Honey Body Cream made with Tamborine Honey and QLD grass fed tallow.

  • Share your love of Aromatherapy with the ideal gift of an essential oil pack! Each of our Essential Oil Packs have been specifically grouped to complement and enhance one’s health and well-being. There are packs featuring Essential Oils to assist with Energising, Destressing and Sleep. For those starting their essential oil journey, The Essential 5 Pack is a perfect choice, or if you're looking for the best Australian home-grown combination, you can't go past our Australian Native Oil packs. The Essential Oil Packs are beautifully packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box. Each pack offers savings to purchase as a pack, rather than the essential oils individually.

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