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I have been using the goat milk shampoo bar for a few months now. The difference in my hair is utterly amazing! Not only has my hair grown significantly, but it is lush and strong! And the best part…. I haven’t used conditioner at all in that time! I just don’t need it. This shampoo bar leaves my hair (pardon the cliché) squeaky clean - literally - and so incredibly soft!

My scalp feels moisturised and the scent is just divine. I have been using the same bar this whole time, twice a week, and still have plenty left. It just lasts. I also find that I don’t have to wash my hair as regularly, it just doesn’t get as oily as it used to. I previously had to wash my hair every second night. If you haven’t tried a shampoo bar before, then you need to give Homestead Soapery’s a go!


I was an original tester of the goat milk shampoo bars and have become a return purchaser. At the time I tested, I was not a Homestead Soapery customer, but now I am a diehard fan!

I used to wash my hair with dandruff shampoo. I don't have to do that anymore! My dandruff is gone and my hair is silky smooth! Thank you!


I ran out of goat milk shampoo bars and had to use something I had spare in the bathroom. My hair felt like straw and got super itchy using commercial shampoo.

I will never use store-bought shampoo again. Using goat milk shampoo bars is not only eco friendly but has been amazing for my scalp and hair. Thanks Homestead Soapery for an awesome product.


I have been using Homestead Soapery bars since they came out and was an original tester. I have seborrheic dermatitis which can get inflamed at random intervals but have found it happening lesser over time. The gentle formulation of the bars is not abrasive to my skin and does not strip it of oils.

I am currently testing a Homestead Soapery skin ointment made with yellow sulfur and that works just as good - if not better - than medicated skin creams I've been given by Doctors which often have steroids in them. Since using these soaps I also feel positive about the impact of what goes in my grey water tank, as these soaps are all eco safe.


I have sensitive skin. I can't use a lot of products. Homestead Soapery gifted me some unscented soap made with lard, coconut oil and calendula. It is the first soap I used without my skin flaking and getting inflamed. I have since asked for a custom soap to be made just for me. The products are clean and natural and don't irritate.


I use the pet soaps on my rambunctious dogs who love getting into the horse's yard and rolling in the mud. The formula contains natural clays which helps take that wet dog smell out which I loathe.

I have also noticed my little dog who is prone to touch dermatitis doesn't get itch attacks as often. 10 out of 10!


I bought the bath soak at the last Maker's Market. That night I treated myself to a spa pamper session and it was awesome. The scent was fantastic and I felt amazing and relaxed afterwards.

First time customer, but definitely a repeat customer!


I purchased the deodorant 2 months ago and am just getting to the bottom of the container! I love that it is natural, doesn't have bicarb soda, and is scented with clean essential oils. It took about a week to transition to a natural deodorant, but I now find I am less stinky than I was. I work on a farm looking after a market garden and this deodorant is amazing!


Thank you for making one of the best soaps I've purchased! I've tried a few a couple of months ago and my favorite is activated charcoal - it cleared my dry skin spots on my face. Can't wait to try the new batch!

Max Hunter