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I don't give a cluck! - Enamel Mug

I don't give a cluck! - Enamel Mug

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Every happy homesteader need a unique I don't give a cluck! enamel camp mug. it's lightweight, durable and multifuntional. Use it for your fave bevvy or even some hot soup! Attach it to your saddle or pack and you've got a lightweight vessel for walks, rides, campsites, and muddy paddocks.

  • 300ml (12oz))
  • Lightweight stainless steel and enamel
  • Dimensions: height 3.14″ (8 cm), diameter 3.54″(9 cm)
  • White coating with silver rim
  • Hand-wash only

ATTENTION! Don't heat liquids or food directly in the mug as it an cause damage to the coating

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