Website refresh and new products!

Website refresh and new products!

As many of you know the Homestead Soapery brand is expanding! This is exciting news for us as we have been working hard to turn this into something amazing.

We started off selling only artisan soap, and have now developed a full suite of amazing natural skincare items!

In mid 2022, we decided to further expand our offering, by collaborating with other homestead businesses and creators to introduce packs of goodies. That idea started off as just an advertising campaign, but before it kicked off, it morphed into something different.

The entire premise of the former web store was changed, and the new site is now called The Homestead Store.

The Homestead Store aims to highlight the products created by small homestead businesses looking to get online but not sure how to do it.

Getting online with a business can be difficult, both in terms of cost required and work needed to get it online. I started my business entirely online, mid-covid, despite it being a business that traditionally starts off as a market business.

I did the opposite. But you already knew that!

I have only started doing markets now, and am very selective about which I will attend. In addition, with some other changes coming along the way the plan was always to have an online store that could sell cottage industry produce and goods from the farm - so expanding it to include the homestead brands of others seemed natural and a no brainer.

On this site will be a mixture of physical and digital products created by some amazing homesteading brands. These are brands developed by other homesteaders - they are original designs, hand crafted, hand-poured, hand made and infused with love by someone who just wants to share some happiness with the world.

So keep an eye out on the blog and social media for updates relating to interviews and new content coming out on each creator once their brand gets launched and what you can expect to find!

I hope you enjoy the changes and thank you for all your support thus far!

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