Using hard soap bars in the laundry

Using hard soap bars in the laundry

Say what?

Yes, people, yes. Hard bars for laundry. We’re going to make them. We’re going to offer them to you. And you will love them.

Now here comes the obligatory, ‘back in the day’ story. Don’t worry, I won’t be walking you through 6 kilometres of 2m high snow with nothing but your grandpa’s hand-me-down slippers that are 3 sizes too big for you, but I will be taking you down a bit of memory lane.

Back in the day, there was no such thing as liquid laundry soap. Back in the day, homesteaders and house wives made their own soap.

I don’t use that second term in a derogatory way at all, but this is how far back we’re going.

It’s because back in the day, there were less known and identified commercial chemicals, and less consumerism.

Why would you not use a bar of hard soap for your laundry?


Perception that your clothes won’t be washed as well?


Washing methodology?

All the above?

I see. Well, let me tell you something. A simple bar of properly made laundry soap can achieve all the above. It can be convenient, it can be zero waste as best as possible, it can last a long time, it can be made from all natural ingredients which won’t harm you, your children, your furbabies or your washing machine, it can wash your clothes really well, it can be safe for your septic, grey water and town water pipes, it won’t take you any longer than it does now, and it doesn’t require you to change the way you wash clothing.

Using hard bars in laundry can happen in two ways. You can use grated laundry soap added to your wash cycle, or you can use your hard bar as a pre-treatment stain remover by simply rubbing the bar of soap on the stain. Don’t have a grater, or can’t be bothered hand grating your soap? Fine. Then cut off a chunk and blitz it in a food processor. It will still work the same way as powder detergent at a fraction of the cost.

Now I can see it now. You have an image in your head. You think using a hard bar for laundry means you’ll need one of those old fashioned wash boards and some rocks by the river to go and wash your clothes. Sure thing, if that’s what you like. But that is not what I’m saying here.

Hard bars for laundry are suitable for not only stain removal, but for those of us ladies who need to hand wash our delicates, this type of laundry bar is perfect. Additionally, hard laundry bars are much easier to travel with than liquids, which we all know (at least pre-COVID and post 9/11) became a hassle to travel with internationally anyway. Travelling with a laundry bar means you can hand wash your bathers or whatever else you need to right in your hotel room, without having to use or pay for a laundromat or have to pay for washing at your hotel.

And yes, for some people that is fine. But I have never used a laundromat when I’ve travelled and that’s because I’ve always travelled with a hard bar and washed some clothes in the shower with me.

Do you have allergy induced dermatitis? Do you break out in a rash from contact? Well, did you know commercial washing powders and liquid may be a contributor. And if your clothing is washed in this stuff, then it will come onto your skin and break you out.

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