Soap Demo! How our soaps sud!

Soap Demo! How our soaps sud!

We know that with COVID-19 there is an overall fear, anxiety and panic about human interaction. And that's ok. This is something many of us have never experienced before. So as inquisitive humans, buying something personal such as handmade soap can be challenging when attempting to do it online.

I know I love to pick things up and smell them. Do you? I'm known for going into a deli, a perfumery, a fruit shop - anywhere where there is scent and texture and picking things up for a good wiff.

But we won't be able to do that, definitely not for the nearest while, but maybe even forever. So there won't be any market stalls or opportunities for people to touch, smell and feel our soaps.

What we've done instead is film a few short videos of the soaps we are launching on Sunday, yes Sunday, 16 August 2020 is our launch day! And we have filmed some of the soaps launching in a hand wash.

It's easy to describe a soaps qualities. Smells like this, feels like that, hard bar, more cleansing, more lather, etc...but trying to decide which of these would be best for you and your purposes without being able to test it yourself is hard. That's where our videos come in.

We hope you can use these very short videos to help you decide about purchasing our bars. We hope in the absence of actually being able to 'try before you buy', you can use these videos as a guide instead.

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