Product Suite revamp

Product Suite revamp

I have been working diligently behind the scenes to finalise the product suite revamp and make a suite of products that has a number of benefits:

  • Each suite has different benefits and requirements. Soothe, for example, is the best for sensitive, itchy or inflamed skin, whereas Uplift is designed to invigorate, and Detox to help cleanse.
  • Each suite will have the option to sign up to a subscription meaning that you can get your favourite products at intervals that best suit you!
  • Each suite has a number of products including, body soap, shampoo bar, natural deodorant, bath soak, body soufflé, body scrub and coming soon, face mask!

The last product to be formulated is the face mask, and I am debating whether or not to keep it dry or liquid based. Dry means the mixture for the mask can be packaged differently and won’t weigh as much, meaning shipping costs will be much better, and taking the product to market much easier.

But having it in the liquid formula, which is looking to be some oils and honey at the moment, means it is ready to go for use.

There are other concerns, like the formulas so far I have been working on have a shorter shelf life without preservatives, and whilst I could use a preservative in the product, I am trying to keep away from using commercial preservatives in any capacity.

So keep an eye out on socials and the blog as I reveal when the final launch of the entire product suite is available. There is also going to be a slight rejig to the website as I introduce a new brand!

Thanks for all your unwavering support!


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