So March Meet the Maker has been and gone, and we’ve only decided to do this now!

The March Meet the Maker hashtag was developed by designer Joanne Hawker in 2016 in efforts to encourage designers and content creators to create posts about themselves and their business based on a theme of prompts. The idea behind it was so that content creators or designers in small businesses could promote their business story in an authentic way.

We are all about authenticity and promotion all the same, so thought we’d make a fun post about our meet the maker story (even though we are a few months behind!)

To get more info on the 2021 #marchmeetthemaker prompts are, we’ve linked their main website for your convenience. Prompts | marchmeetthemaker

#marchmeetthemaker website https://www.marchmeetthemaker.com/prompts

So in order to play a bit of catch up, we’ll answer the first 5 prompts in the 2021 challenge!

Brand Introduction

Homestead Soapery is an artisan soap business, crafting handmade soaps using traditional methods and natural ingredients, sourced locally where possible.


Our style is rustic, traditional, natural. We want our soaps to be as minimally processed as possible. We also like having fun with soaps, so we would like to do some themed ones along the way.

Beliefs & values

We have our H5 – the Homestead 5 values we stick to. The Homestead 5 (H5) – our company values – Homestead Soapery (homesteadorganics.com.au)

On your desk

Currently on my desk is an avalanche of things that I somehow need all at the same time. But from left to right, camera box and lens, journal, a magazine holder full of labels and notepads, a pen holder, magnet merch inn testing, pictures of my pets, earphones, my ipad pro, my glasses.

Newest make

Our newest make is the vegan reformulation! We have used it in a number of soaps! Here’s some links on our vegan formula:

Youtube video: How I made the Purple Linen Swirl soap using the heat t – Homestead Soapery (homesteadorganics.com.au)

April 2021 Launch!!! – Homestead Soapery (homesteadorganics.com.au)

HOMESTEAD SOAPERY - APRIL 2021 LAUNCH (including vegan soaps!) – Homestead Soapery (homesteadorganics.com.au)

Interview with our master soap fairy on the new vegan reformulation – Homestead Soapery (homesteadorganics.com.au)


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