Busy Busy Busy!

Busy Busy Busy!

And my oh my have we been busy.

There is so much going on and so little time so I will try get to the point!

The soap studio is currently going through some renovations so we have temporarily paused soap production in order to move the studio workspace into the spare room in the house. With the impending QLD storm season cracking on in the face of a La Nina, we feel it would be best to do this now. 

Booch and a few other clays are ready for sale. These will be listed soon with a Christmas deal to follow. So far testing with Booch has been lovely and it really worked out to be a fabulous bar. My sources say its super creamy and yet still a lovely hard bar, and my research indicates that the healing benefits of kombucha are not lost in the saponification process so here's hoping to good probiotics for our skin!

We have orders ready to go for some of our wonderful clients in Victoria who have been waiting patiently for borders to open and restrictions to ease. We decided to wait on sending these out as one of our lovely clients reported that their box went via Adelaide and took 3 weeks to get there, so we didn't want a repeat of that.

Hopefully in the new year we will be able to spend more time planning special release soaps. We are also continually looking at our packaging and ways to improve to align with our environmental goals.

So thanks for hanging with us soaperinos and hoping your segue into another Aussie summer is a pleasant one. Happy soaping!


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