About our product line!

About our product line!

Some soap makers start as soap hobbyists and make all sorts of variations of soap, mixing colours and micas and scents. And that is great, and fun, and super creative. But when we think about what makes us repeat customers and continue a relationship with a brand some things came to mind:

  • Consistency – the product gave us the same result every time and served the same purpose. The product was reliable.
  • Quality – the product is something we repurchase because we know it will withstand the use we will endure upon it
  • Reliability – rain, hail or shine, the product performs to the same level of expectation each time.
  • Simplicity – the customer experience in using the website, and communicating with the owners is positive, easy to use and functional without being fussy.
  • Ethical – the company has some or many of the same values as us. They actively promote these values, such as implementing zero waste policies as best they can.

So when we started working on what would make the Homestead soaps into what we want them to be, we decided on the following:

  • All soaps would be in bar form. We won’t be making liquid soap.
  • Our signature soap bars need to remind us of where we live, our local community, and our environment. Therefore, all our signature soap blends contain several locally sourced ingredients from local producers.
  • With simplicity in mind, Homestead Soapery soap blends need to have minimal ingredients and minimal processing. Our soap bases are compromised of 1-3 oils, 1 clay, 1-3 essential oils, and maybe some dried addons for decoration. That’s it.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into formulating products that align with our values. There are key themes that keep circulating and continue to circulate as we think about new and different products that relate heavily to our brand identity.

Our brand identity is very much based on the ideas of homesteading, bush, country living, simplicity, tradition, and doing things the old-fashioned way. We live our lives in a mindful, and ecologically positive way, and we feel our brand should mirror that concept.

Our product line has been created to mirror these values and we will progressively roll out these soaps as we continue our launch.

But for a sneak peek, I am happy to share the collection with you now!

Homestead Soapery Bar Soap Collection

  • Natural
    • Natural soaps with no scent and no added clay for colour. These are harder bars, and will include a castile bar. Currently in formulation.
  • Signature
    • 5 signature soap bars specific to our regional area in SEQ. Currently in formulation. The first to be released is ‘Booch’. These are a mixture of our Homestead master base and a castile bar.
  • Shaving
    • Up to two soaps are planned for this collection with a castile option. Currently in formulation.
  • Face
    • Homestead Face Bars will come in two variants with a castile option. Currently in formulation.
  • Exfoliation
    • The exfoliation collection will be made up of four different soaps include a Soleseife (German brine soap). Currently in formulation.
  • Cleanse & Nourish
    • Cleanse and Nourish bars will often include oil infusions containing calendula or chamomile for a gentle soap that is excellent used for all purpose soaping needs. Currently in formulation.
  • Furbaby
    • A special bar formulation for our furbabies. Currently in formulation.
  • Shampoo
    • Soaps in formulation, but we anticipate at least a normal to dry, and curly hair option to start with. Currently in formulation.
  • Laundry
    • These soaps will be for laundry only. Grey and septic water safe. Currently in formulation.

So make sure you sign up to our newsletter for product launch information and follow us on social media where we often post videos and pictures of soap making and the final product. We can’t wait to share these soaps with you!


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