5 ways you can use artisan soaps for gifts

5 ways you can use artisan soaps for gifts

Giving handmade or artisan products as a gift is a wonderful way to support small businesses and give gifts that are meaningful. When you support a small or local business by purchasing their handmade wares for gifts, you can be assured that the item was handcrafted lovingly and with a lot of personal love. I think handmade gifts pass good energy on and have so much more empathy as opposed to a sterile, mass produced item, but maybe that’s me.

We’ve been very fortunate at Homestead Soapery to have been part of gift giving for a number of occasions, but most notably a baby shower where we had over 30 of our handmade soaps on offer as part of the gift. So because of this, we wanted to write about 5 clever ways you can use artisan soaps for gifts in the future!

  • Making custom hampers or gift bags for a party or event, such as an engagement, wedding favours or baby shower! By combining artisan, handmade soaps with some wine or champagne, some lovely chocolates, and a bamboo soap dish or face towel, you can create a lovely gift that will be useful and pretty, allowing you to be creative and save money along the way.

vegan soap order for babyshower

  • Secret Santa’s or office gift bags – as these are often value limited to $10 or $20, using handmade artisan soaps is a great way to give a useful gift, support a local soapmaker and stay within budget!
  • Getting a custom loaf for a special event. By harnessing a custom soap order directly with a soap maker, you can have complete control over the colours used, the scents, the additives (such as clays or exfoliants) and even to some extent the oils! For wedding and engagement parties, this is a fantastic way to give personalised gifts that are relevant to the event, and also made with love. Homestead Soapery offer a custom loaf service, here.
  • Can’t decide on what a soapmaker offers? How about gift cards? These days, electronic gift cards are very useful for small businesses and encourage thoughtful gift giving. Gift cards pre-loaded with value also gives the purchaser more choice to make decisions on which soaps they have preference for. To get a Homestead Soapery gift card, go here.
  • Visitor gifts – have visitors often or run an Airbnb? With international travel thwarted by coronavirus, we are spending more time traveling domestically or visiting family when we can. Using handmade artisan soap for gifts is a fantastic way to make sure you can give an additional personal and thoughtful touch to their travel. Travelling at the moment is already with many challenges, so taking some pressure off by saying, “Hey, don’t worry about the soap, I have some I can offer you,” is a fantastic way to help travellers with their plans. Furthermore, bar soaps are much easier to travel with, take up much less space in luggage, don’t need to be sealed so you can go through the scanner at the airport and are often made with environmentally friendly ingredients so do not have allergens or chemicals in them to cause any grief.

Homestead Soapery - 5 ways to use aertisan soap in gifts

So now that you have all these fun and amazing ideas on how to use artisan soaps in gifting, we hope you do consider using soaps for gifts in the future and support a local soapmaker! Happy soaping!

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