Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem. And our problem is allergens. One of our founders has all sorts of allergies. Food allergies, environmental allergies and medicinal allergies. And because of this, doing anything even remotely social, even something as simple as meeting friends for coffee or breakfast, requires lots of planning, menu analysis, and weather forecasting...

Because of this, we have been modifying and making and creating things that are suitable for our allergic founder for a long time. We have created and developed lots of life hacks along the way to help make life simpler, less processed, and a lot more enjoyable.

And one of them is soap.

It turns out that when we can control the entire process of soap making, we can add and remove ingredients in soap, specifically those that are unsafe, genetically modified and synthetic. We can add ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, ensuring we can remove impurities and develop immunities to fundamentally create a safe product for humans, fur babies, and our local environment.

And all of this while supporting local producers where possible.

We believe that artisan soap is a fundamental element of living life simply, being mindful and being connected to the environment around us. It means we release less toxins into our environment through commercially graded chemicals, and instead encourage ecological wellness by being considerate to our rainwater (and grey water!) tanks.

By circumventing commercial channels and methodologies, we have taken on designing, crafting, making, and producing artisan soaps right here in South East Queensland. We're able to provide a soap that is made the traditional way, using natural ingredients.