Youtube video: How I made Tobacco Salsa Swirl soap using the heat transfer method

Welcome to Homestead Soapery! In this video we show the heat transfer method on cold process soap. This is my non-vegan batter and it worked a charm. Unlike last week though there was some operator error in a few small things I neglected to do, which you see in the video! What I’ve noticed so far is that the soaps that have been made using the heat transfer method to date are not showing any signs of gel phase. So this is exciting, and so far I prefer it this way as it does speed up the soap making process. 

Tobacco Salsa Swirl is non-vegan and will be available for sale in late April. To see more of our locally made soaps, go to and follow us on social media.

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Tools used in this video:


* Pyrex glass measuring jugs -

* Cuisineart Smart Stick 2 speed hand blender -

* Long Spout pouring jug -


* Sony A7III -

* Sony Full Frame E-Mount FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS Lens -

* Manfrotto Tripod (about 10 years old)

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